Pastor Sam's Reflections

Overlooking Our Father’s Love
March 20, 2017

Verses for Meditation: The Father himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God. - John 16:27

At Easter, it is proper that we remember Christ's sacrifice on the Cross. But in this third week of Lent, let us take time to remember the extent of our heavenly Father's love:

I remember that the first few years after I was converted, I had a good deal more love for Christ than for God the Father. I looked upon God as the stern Judge, while I regarded Christ as the Mediator who had come between me and that stern Judge to appease His wrath. But when I got a little acquainted with my Bible, those views all fled.

After I became a father, and woke up to the realization of what it cost God to have His Son die, I began to see that God was to be loved just as much as His Son was. Why, it took more love for God to give His Son to die than it would to die Himself. You would a thousand times sooner die yourself in your son's place than have him taken away. If the executioner were about to take your son to the gallows, you would say, "Let me die in his stead; let my son be spared."

Oh, think of the love God must have had for this world, that He gave His only begotten Son to die for it!  And that is what I want you to understand, "The Father himself loves you because you have loved me." If a man has loved Christ, God will set His love upon him. - D.L. Moody in "Glad Tiding" (in "How Great Thou Art" by Steve Halliday and William Travis)

As I read Moody's reflection, I was struck at how difficult it would have been for God to sacrifice Jesus for us. If it were a choice between my children's lives or my own, I would choose my own to be sacrificed. I think the same can be said if it were our spouse or our parents. So imagine how much God loves us, that He put His own Son Jesus to die in our place!

As we prepare for Good Friday and Easter, take some time to remember the oft overlooked love of our heavenly Father. May His love fill and bless your week!

- Pastor Sam

Praying for the World

1. Please pray for South Korea in the aftermath of its president's impeachment. Churches in Korea are doing some serious soul searching in the recent wake of multiple scandals among church, political, and corporate leaders. Please pray that Christians will strengthen the bond between faith and ethical living and that they will serve as a witness against corruption.

2. Please pray for the northeastern United States as it was battered by late Winter Storm Stella. Pray for the Lord's grace for stranded travelers and for first responders and others who must work outside.